My Conversation with Indian Matchmaking star Ravi Guru Singh

I sit down with Indian Matchmaking star Ravi Guru Singh to explore deeper issues around self-esteem, identity, and love.

For those of you who saw the Indian Matchmaking show probably had an opinion on Guru. Reality television only shows us a snapshot of who a person is and can often take things out of context so you can have a specific opinion about them.

As I spoke with Guru, I realized that he is nothing like how he came across on the show. When he reached out to me he shared how his mental health had been impacted by the aftermath of the show and how he had been portrayed. He wanted to have a conversation with me to address issues such as mental health, identity, and self acceptance.

Check it out on Youtube and tell me what you think.

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  1. Maria

    He is growing as a person. He may regret that he did the show, but I think it was actually very positive for him because it forced him to push through the walls, and that’s not easy for South Indian men nowadays, because they grow up so sheltered by their parents, and stay little smarty boys for a long time; everything is in their head. Yet being present, in the moment, vulnerable, connected, open, emotionally expressive, these are traits that come with a lot of growth! And this is the best state to meet a partner, when you are able to really open up.

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