Holistic Nutrition and Mental Health

Join me as I speak with Elizabeth Miller. an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the founder of Soulistic Nutrition. Soulistic Nutrition is a platform to share ideas and connect individuals looking to better themselves holistically. We discuss how physical health and mental health are connected and how we need to…

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Collective Trauma

This is a time when we are all experiencing collective trauma. We are dealing with the psychological impact of racism in this country after months of dealing with a pandemic. This trauma has been causing a lot of stress and anxiety and continues to have a negative impact on all…

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Coping with Loss and Grief

During this pandemic we have had to deal with many losses. Some of have lost loved ones or acquaintances. Some of us have lost our jobs or means of earning a living. Some of us have lost our social supports and have to adjust to staying at home during quarantine.…

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Let’s talk about Suicide

There might have been a time in our lives when we have felt hopeless and helpless. Sometimes feeling depressed and sad causes us to experience suicidal thoughts or even worse plan or intend to hurt ourselves. Join me as I discuss suicide prevention and ways to cope with suicidal thoughts. …

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