Psychology Today

I have extensive experience counseling individuals from diverse backgrounds and helping them deal with various life issues.

With my multicultural training, I am able to empathize and relate to each client so that I may identify their needs and help them with presenting issues.

Talk Space

I have been a Talkspace therapist for the past 6 years and am also the Team Lead for their Talkspace Council of Mental Health Experts.

I write and review blog posts for them on various mental health issues that people want to know more about.

Moxie Living

Moxie Living is the embodiment of healthy living and the art of self care. When women engage in self care, they make life better for everyone around them.

We are dedicated to empowering women with self-actualization and self fulfillment through mindfulness and healthy lifestyle.

Heal Collective

I serve on the board of a non-profit organization called The Heal Collective which promotes advocacy and awareness of mental health issues in Black indigenous people of color (BIPOC) communities.

Heal Collective mission is to destigmatize mental health challenges by creating forums of education, advocacy, and acceptance.


I serve as an Advisor for Mandala which is a peer to peer community for people of color who want to enrich their emotional wellbeing. They bring together small groups  to build mindful awareness and self-compassion.

After the program, you are invited to join our community where they host events throughout the year.

Mental Health AE

I am an Advisor for Mental Health UAE. This is a platform that provides services, information, and resources to create awareness and end the stigma surrounding Mental Health in the UAE.

They use their Website and Instagram to provide information and resources and work with universities in the country to provide support in creating awareness.