Mandala is a peer to peer community for people of color who want to enrich their emotional wellbeing. We bring together small groups (between 5 and 8 people) and work through a 4-week curriculum designed to build mindful awareness and self-compassion — all through a community. After the program, you are invited to join our community where they host events throughout the year.

Moxie Living is the embodiment of healthy living and the art of self care. We believe that self care is not selfish. When women engage in self care, they make life better for everyone around them. In today’s day and age, most women struggle to find time for themselves in the midst of all their other responsibilities and they end up losing their self identity. Moxie Living is dedicated to empower women with self-actualization and self fulfillment through mindfulness and healthy lifestyle.

We are an emerging collective with a clear mission: to destigmatize mental health challenges by creating forums of education, advocacy, and acceptance while being a leading voice for health and wellness in the Muslim community.