A Taste of Clarity | Sisters International Potluck Brunch

Clear your mind, your heart is trying to tell you something. A taste of clarity can bring a new sense of inspiration in times of distress. Join us for our monthly Sisters International Potluck Brunch✨ Special Guest Speaker: Bisma Anwar LMHCJanuary 26th | 11am As we discuss why Mental Health…

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Stress and Self-Care

There are times when you become stressed out and overwhelmed with everything going on in your life. You are always multi-tasking and playing several roles in your life, maybe including employee, student, parent, caretaker, sibling, child and friend. Experiencing stress is totally normal but very few of us know how…

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Online Therapy with Talkspace

Online therapy is a convenient and flexible way to engage in therapy.. It is different from in-person therapy and I have seen many clients benefit and improve through this platform. If you are thinking about going to therapy but feel like you don't have time or cannot find a therapist…

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Muslims Thrive at Jamaica Muslim

This past weekend Muslims Thrive was at Jamaica Muslim center to talk about how “it’s okay to not be okay”. It was a great turnout and we addressed a lot of questions related to depression, anxiety, and interpersonal issues. We hope to have more events like this to help raise…

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